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Post by Eric »

I really love my Arduinos but I am quite curious about the BeagleBone units. Does anyone have any personal experience with these (pros/cons)?

Reluctant to add yet another hardware but these look a bit tempting 8-)
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Re: BeagleBone?

Post by wes_carl »

I have yet to try BeagleBone, but I am currently working on a project that required more SRAM than was available on the Arduino Uno Atmega328p. So I started shopping around. I was considering getting an Arduino Mega, but today I found this: ... RpilXKft71

It is an ARM based 32-bit board that has a lot more "horsepower" than the Arudino Uno, at a whopping 87MHz and like 100K SRAM I think. I don't know yet if it is going to work for my project, but for only $10 I figured it was worth a shot. It also has 512K of flash code space.

I will post here once I get it and do some testing.
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Re: BeagleBone?

Post by Myamiphil »

Hi Eric....
I looked into the BB when I started seeing folks interface things like the Rasbi and Arduinos to Linux boxes. I discovered the Udoo bd and fell in love with it.... It can handle Linux in different flavors, or Android op sys. It has a quad core cpu for the Linux side and an Arduino compatible controller with the Arduino compatible pinouts all on one board. Audio, in and out, camera, SATA... USB serial, Ethernet......HDMI out and touch screen capable. Linux runs fine, but only has 1GB or RAM... so running several windows is not ideal... but doable.... The Linux distro has the Arduino IDE s/w installed, so its ready to go... Can take on all the Shields

But the BB has a good following too.... Does similar.....

Best Regards
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Re: BeagleBone?

Post by Eric »

Hey Phil. Yet another board I wasn't familiar with :)

I'm going to check it out a bit further. Thanks for all the great info!

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Re: BeagleBone?

Post by KD8BXP »

Like most things - It depends on what you want to do.
BBB, rPI, UDOO, ODroid, and the rest are all in a different class then a simple "micro-controller" - these are all full linux bases computers
And various distributions have been ported to the various machines. Computers (even thou they can) don't do external control well. Micro-Controllers do
external control great, but don't do heavy computing (math, variables, etc) well.
And what all these boards do to various degrees of success is blend the two worlds of control and computing.
I like the BBB (Beagle Bone Black), and own one, but it quickly getting left behind. (And that can be debated)
As was pointed out there are now better boards out, the I don't have any experience with some of the other boards thou so don't know how they stack up.
UDOO boards are a little more ($80ish dollars more) but probably worth it. I think it is a good combination of both a rPI and Arduino, with built in support for the Arduino.

BBB has lot of I/O, but IMHO it not as easy to access that I/O as say just using an Arduino.
It has some of the same draw backs that the rPI has in terms of what it can and can't power, most of the time you need some type of external power for your attached devices.
In terms of raw processing power, it has a lot more then most micro-controllers.
It's a 1 ghz processor, 4gb on board flash storage, and Micro-SD card. It uses a micro-HDMI port, which needs a micro to standard cable.

The BBB community is much smaller then say the rPI.
Adafruit has done a pretty good job at porting over some of the rPI python libraries, but even with that there are just some libraries not available for the BBB - which in turn makes hunting
for an answer and longer time spent looking at stuff on the web then getting a project done.

I've not found too much to do with my BBB, I had thought about putting in the Hero Jr, but that ended up adding a level of complexion that wasn't needed.
I thought about using it with (was going to replace it with a rPI B) and a Arduino Mega, was going to use the rPI for the speech and WIFI
realized that was over kill, and ended up with a simple and easy to program, Arduino Mega w/eMic Text to Speech, I think it worked out better this way, and it's easier to understand
what is going on with it. And with a $3 ESP8622 WIFI module I'll end up with just about the same I was going to have with two boards.

So like I said, it really depends on what you want to do with it.
It's a personal but I like the BBB better then the rPI B - but I really have not found anything good to do with either one. I used the rPI to play Commodore 64 games, I guess that is something
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