Raspberry Pi Amazon Alexa

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Raspberry Pi Amazon Alexa

Post by Eric »

I was able to get my Raspberry Pi smart kitchen terminal upgraded with the Amazon Alexa voice recognition system. I have to say it works perfectly for what I need. She can answer just about any question I throw at here and I find it perfect in the kitchen for recipes, news briefing and conversion calculations.

Thought I would start this thread here to give anyone a place to ask questions about it. Here is the how-to article and video:
http://blog.mkme.org/index.php/raspberr ... lexa-echo/
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Re: Raspberry Pi Amazon Alexa

Post by sabaazimi »

Hi Eric;
Thank you very much indeed for the great project and your generosity to share the steps. I am pretty new in the field and my question is that you mentioned sometimes that you will provide the the instruction to start the three ".sh" files that requires the AWS to start in order to boot them automatically once the raspberry pi boots up. I would appreciate if you could share the instruction, as I searched every where to get the solution, but no luck.
Thanks again and wish u he best of all.
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