Water Filtration Options

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Water Filtration Options

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I am tossing the notion around of making a basic water filter using either recycled materials like water bottles etc or possibly a higher end unit which could be 3D printed and actually hooked to basic fittings/plumbing.

I am thinking a basic sand/media filter with activated carbon as well. Of course this will not work for pathogens but that might be a chemical option/boiling etc.

I think something basic could easily be made as I have played with a few designs- but the overall education/sharing of the concept might be the true value.


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Re: Water Filtration Options

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http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-x-2-CERAMIC- ... 20e2f7d7db
These filters are fairly cheap for what they are capable of. I've been using a shorter 3" inch tall version in a stacked 5 gallon bucket filter that is similar to the Big Berkey water filters, and the build up you can see on the filter after even a month of running tap water through it, is rather amazing. They suggest you change them every 6 months or so, but I've been using my filter for well over a year, taking it out every once and a while and using a green sponge scrubber under some warm water to clean it. It still does the job. Like you said, it would be a good idea to boil the water afterwards, and if there are any bigger particles in it, it wouldnt hurt to run it through a "pre-filter." People have implemented rain barrel style setups where theyve got the big rain barrel outside on an elevated platform, and a smaller barrel inside and a pipe with this filter in between the two, and they just turn a valve and the water gets filtered on its way in. I've also seen them used in residential plumbing inline with sinks to clean the water for drinking, and it does reduce flow a bit, but the head pressure makes it filter faster than it would in a setup like mine. I am wanting to experiment with a 3d printed "Bell" that goes over this type of filter, with a hose barb on the end and using it inline with a transfer pump so it can suck up water from a stream, river or lake and dump clean filtered water directly into a barrel. Multiples of these in parallel and a much larger pump, on the back of a truck with a couple large food grade crates could help clean water that 3rd world countries already have, and move it inland at a very low cost. It still may be boiled, but thats a trivial issue.
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