DIY Gas Sensor for Emergency Workers, Safety etc.

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DIY Gas Sensor for Emergency Workers, Safety etc.

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Well after already building and sharing this project via YouTube and our Tech Talk Live shows I figured I should start a thread on it. I added it here to the #WithoutBorders project as I think it really could make a difference somewhere in the world. At this time I have no plans to go commercial with the unit in favor of providing all the info and code via open source. If we make items like this available to the world perhaps we can truly make a difference. Who knows, maybe we could save a life.

As some have seen I already have a working protoype. The results are far beyond my expectations. The 433 mhz transmitter was never intended for voice transmission (that I can tell) but works perfectly!

Here the my full YouTube video project overview. ... vNKfSElkvC

As well I have now submitted it on Hackaday so others may have it there as well. Who knows, maybe we can win something and do even more good. You can find the Hackaday project here: ... cy-workers

Here is the full code and all project files on GitHub:

Here is the complete code walk through:

More updates soon!

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Re: DIY Gas Sensor for Emergency Workers, Safety etc.

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This project very much fits the "hacker spirit" in its most traditional sense. You have an idea, you have some parts not necessarily meant for the job around, and you spend a few hours messing with bits and pieces, toss together a crude program, and boom, you have a working project. Sure it could use refinement, but in true hacker spirit, is a project ever really done?
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Re: DIY Gas Sensor for Emergency Workers, Safety etc.

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Here is the complete assembly tutorial so anyone can recreate this project for themselves. The OSH Park PCB's worked out fantastic! Super happy with this project and how well it is working.

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