Kiore22 Joins mkmelabs

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Kiore22 Joins mkmelabs

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Hi guys My name is Mick, I go by kiore22 online. ie: youtube
I have always had a huge intrest in electronics/mechanical stuff
Growing up in the 80's in my early teens and living in the middle of the Western Australian bush there wasn't any real way to expand my electronics knoledge apart from pulling stuff apart to see how it worked.
When you live in the bush and some thing needs to be built or repaired you had to use what you can find laying around or a trip to to the local dump ( number 8 wire tech ,we called it ).
Now at 48 years young I live in the Far North of New Zealand of a farm in the Herekino Valley. It is nearly always windy here, however because of the terrain the wind only comes from 2 directions and I can at this stage catch it from 1, the west .
I have made a wind turbine, solar tracker, battery bank with 12 volt garden/yard lighting ,2 x 240 volt inverters, home made etched Arduino based recycled/ filtered waste water from the washing machine to irrigate my gardens.

I have just started to post on youtube ( kiore22 ) some of my home built stuff made from recycled parts.
Just in the middle of videoing the windturbines reassembly now. I hope to have it posted today.

Im a big fan of mkme channel and the guys in the chat. I tune in to the live show ( tuesday 11:00am ) if i can.
Now it is tuesday 10:30am and I am not sure if there is a live show on today so I may get the mill back up in the air sooner.

see you guy's soon
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Re: Kiore22 Joins mkmelabs

Post by Eric »

Hey Mick. Glad to have you here. Throw a link to your channel when you get a chance so we can check out your videos.

On the live shows- they are indeed on hold for now. May pick them back up in the fall but maybe not. They didn't really have a huge following so we will see.

I make videos and content on all things electronics, 3D printing and DIY
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