PV Solar System

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PV Solar System

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One of my active projects is a PV Solar System that uses an Arduino as the controller and hot water as a storage media.

The idea is to to heat my shop in the winter with 8x 225W PV solar panels. The energy from the panels will be put into elements in hot water tanks and when heat is needed (or the water temperature in the tanks climbs to high) the Arduino will kick on a pump that will circulate the water through a heat exchanger aka raditor with a fan behind it. This avoids having to purchase expensive battery banks to store the energy and transfer to/from electricity to/from heat is nearly 100% efficient.
I have implemented a Constant Voltage (CV) Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) tracking algorithm on the Arduindo to drive the loads with PWM. Eventually I want to implement the more efficent Incremental Conductance (IC) MPPT algorithm.

More to come ont he build...

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